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Adams County Board of Supervisors <br />Board Minutes <br />Courthouse, Adams County, Tuesday March 7, 2017 <br />A regular meeting of the Adams County Board of Supervisors was held with Chairman Eldon Orthmann was <br />presiding. Roll call members present: Michael Stromer - District 1, Mike Weeks -District 2 Lee Hogan- District 3, <br />Scott Thomsen - District 4, Dale Curtis- District 5, Chuck Neumann - District 6, Eldon Orthmann - District 7 <br />Motion by Stromer, seconded by Thomsen that this is an open public meeting of the Adams County Board of <br />Supervisors. Roll CaII; Ayes: Stromer, Weeks, Hogan, Thomsen, Curtis, Neumann, Orthmann. Nays: None <br />Orthmann stated that minutes from the February 21, 2017 meeting have been circulated and will stand <br />approved unless there is a correction. <br />No corrections were suggested <br />Public notice of this meeting has been given by publication in the Hastings Tribune and by posting. An agenda <br />was available to the board members and was kept continuously current and posted in the County Clerk's office, <br />the main courthouse lobby and the Adams County website. The following is the agenda of items to be heard, no <br />modifications were made to the agenda after 9:30 a.m. the business day prior to this meeting. <br />Agenda for Meet g <br />of Adams County Board of Supervisors <br />County Board. Room, Courthouse, 2nd Floor <br />Date of AeteetinR tvf srcii 7, 2017, 9:30 A.M, <br />Announce to ttion of Asda & Opcn Meetings Law bogs <br />Reminder .0 tont Oilf till veil 'simnel <br />Pledge of Alkane <br />Conflicts of Interest <br />Roil cull: <br />Approve minutes: <br />Committee reports: <br />Receive Comments from the Public: <br />Noe to Cit zene: Any agenda item may he mrs�tad don n at rtny tirtttr at the discretion of the <br />Chairman of the Beani of Supervisors. <br />9:45 a.m. _ Hid opening and passible hid sward fur 2017 Grwd Bids <br />9:45 n m. - Public Hearing to he cxatnmcnts for or against the possible issuance of a <br />Crsnditivnal Use Permit for aninuti keeping within the Village of Hansen <br />Judy Mignery— Request action on the possible issuance of a Conditional Use Permit for animal <br />keeping within thc Village, of !loosen. <br />Judy M1gntry Request motion to r?rnos <br />conditional use permit for a carr true ls do k hip in thc ag district <br />or discus.5it>a aC. <br />Judy Migattav — Pr <br />p ible upP <br />1� <br />fe for the Westbranch Subdivision <br />Dawn Miller • Review is; a+Ypprove Chairman signing tho interlocal Agreement with Webster <br />County for the joint construction of new bridge Adams1t4'cbster County line - Proj C1-383 <br />Review & have Chairman sign 21117 Asphalt Project Contract with Vont, Paving <br />fire Liberte -E 2th to 42nd and tdlcwilde-Southern }fills to Adams Central <br />Print fbr possible approval, Program Agement 81,1714 wf Nebraska Dept of <br />Roads fix County Bridge Match Program fiords ANL) adopt Rc olution to have Chairman sign <br />said Agrecmc.rt <br />formally rev.. e & pince an tile letter from Adapts Cent r rl School; <br />rrqu anus Ni3OR Safety founds for improvements to Hwy 6 (iii Adams Central Ave <br />intersection &, ciiu,Ntss-sending letter of support <br />Scott i'honssen — Request that a county owned 1 <br />sant to public auction on March 31, 2017 <br />7( es <br />mina he dvela ri a sttrplua and <br />