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Adams County Board of Supervisors <br />Board Minutes <br />Courthouse, Adams County, Tuesday August 1, 2017 <br />A regular meeting of the Adams County Board of Supervisors was held with Chairman Eldon Orthmann <br />was presiding. Roll call members present, Michael Stromer - District 1, Glen Larsen — District 2, Scott <br />Thomsen — District 4, Dale Curtis- District 5, Chuck Neumann — District 6, <br />Eldon Orthmann — District 7. <br />Supervisor Lee Hogan- District 3 was absent <br />Motion by Curtis, seconded by Stromer that this is an open public meeting of the Adams County Board <br />of Supervisors. Roll Call; Ayes: Stromer, Larsen, Thomsen, Curtis, Neumann, Orthmann. Nays: None. <br />Absent: Hogan <br />Orthmann stated that minutes from the July 18, 2017 meeting have been circulated and will stand <br />approved unless there is a correction. <br />No corrections were suggested <br />Public notice of this meeting has been given by publication in the Hastings Tribune and by posting. An <br />agenda was available to the board members and was kept continuously current and posted in the <br />County Clerk's office, the main courthouse lobby and the Adams County website. The following is the <br />agenda of items to be heard, no modifications were made to the agenda after 9:30 a.m. the business <br />day prior to this meeting. <br />Agenda for Meeting <br />of Adams County Board of Supervisors <br />County Board Room. Courthouse. 2nd floor <br />Date of Meeting, August 1, 2017, 9:30 A.M. <br />Announce location of Agenda St Open MeetingsLaw postines <br />Reminder to turn off all cell phones <br />Pledge of Alleeance <br />Conni.cts °interest <br />Roll call: <br />Approve minues: <br />Committee repots: <br />Receive Conmients from. the Public: <br />Note to Citizens: Any agenda item may be moved down at anv 1 <br />Board of Supervisor, <br />YL <br />n o the <br />the <br />9:4 a.m. Don Threerritt — present for County Board approval; plans for the Quinn Subdivision <br />Chuck Neumann — Present for possible approval. Resolution 2017-0S-01.01 declaim:E. !support for plans for the <br />Roseland Fire Department's proposed Ere hall <br />Dale Curtis — Preset- for possible approval revisions to the Mtws County Waga Step Plan <br />Last Updated July 27, 2017 at 11:57 am. <br />For ace -English speaking attendees wishing to arrange for a sign language or fcceegra Liguge inacceter, please call or fax the <br />County Attorney's office at Phone 402461-7240 or Fax: 432 461-7.241, For heanng-impatted intviduals or ihditiduals with other <br />special td s call or fax the County Clerk's Office at Plume: 402 461-7107. or TTY: 402 461-716f or Fax: 432-4a-7135, Mien <br />requesting an interpreter or services for the bearlig impaired. please provtde at least forty-eight (48 boars advance notice to allow <br />true for tralkang the accorxrodations. <br />The Board reserves the alit to go into executive sessionif stxt session is clearly necessary for the protection of±e ptbLLc I&eStor <br />for the pres-raton of needless Injury to the reparation of.= indwidual. <br />6461Page <br />