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Adams County Cemetery Board <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Tuesday, February 2,2021 <br /> Courthouse,Adams County <br /> The Adams County Board of Commissioners met as an Adams County Cemetery Board for the annual <br /> meeting with Chairman Lee Hogan presiding. <br /> Motion by Neumann, seconded by Stromer to meet as an Adams County Cemetery Board for the annual <br /> Meeting. Roll Call;Ayes:Stromer, Larsen, Hogan,Johnson, Curtis, Neumann Nays: None Absent: <br /> Orthmann <br /> Entered Cemetery Board Meeting at 10:02 a.m. <br /> Roll was taken, roll call members present, Michael Stromer-District 1, Glen Larsen—District 2, Lee <br /> Hogan- District 3, Harold Johnson—District 4, Dale Curtis- District 5, Chuck Neumann—District 6. <br /> Absent: Eldon Orthmann—District 7 <br /> Chairman Hogan stated that no items were presented for the Cemetery Board Agenda therefore <br /> requested open discussion regarding the cemeteries. <br /> The building and grounds committee stated they would continue working with area schools to replace <br /> some of the worn signs at the county cemeteries.Signs have been made by both Adams Central and <br /> Silver Lake art students and been placed in two of the county cemeteries. Kenesaw Public Schools has <br /> been contacted in participating in the project and their involvement is pending. <br /> Adams County Highway Superintendent Assistant,Greg Anderson, stated they currently use their best <br /> judgement in the removal of dead trees in the county owned cemeteries and would continue to do so <br /> unless the board decided otherwise. <br /> Commissioner Neumann stated Patty's Lawn Care is currently hired to do the mowing at the cemeteries <br /> and the county appears to be happy with their work. <br /> Brief discussion occurred regarding a cemetery in the rural part of the county on 82nd Street.The <br /> cemetery is currently maintained by a private individual but may need to be taken over by the county in <br /> the future. Deputy Attorney Bergin will look into the process of taking over the cemetery should the <br /> need arise. <br /> With no further discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Neumann,seconded by Curtis to close <br /> the annual meeting of the Adams County Cemetery Board. Roll Call;Ayes:Stromer, Larsen, Hogan, <br /> Johnson, Curtis, Neumann Nays: None Absent:Orthmann <br /> Lee Hogan Ramona R.Thomas <br /> Board Chairman Adams County Clerk <br /> 33IPage <br />