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Adams County Board of Commissioners <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Tuesday,April 20,2021 <br /> Courthouse,Adams County <br /> A regular meeting of the Adams County Board of Commissioners was held with Chairman Lee Hogan presiding. <br /> Motion by Curtis,seconded by Larsen that this is an open public meeting of the Adams County Board of <br /> Commissioners.Roll Call,Ayes:Stromer,Larsen, Hogan,Johnson,Curtis, Neumann, Patterson Nays: None Absent: <br /> None <br /> Chairman Hogan inquired if there were any conflicts of interest. No conflicts were disclosed. <br /> Roll was taken, roll call members present, Michael Stromer-District 1,Glen Larsen—District 2, Lee Hogan-District <br /> 3, Harold Johnson—District 4, Dale Curtis-District 5,Chuck Neumann—District 6,Joe Patterson—District 7. <br /> Chairman Hogan stated minutes from the April 6,2021 meeting have been circulated to board members and <br /> requested a motion to approve the minutes if there are no corrections. <br /> Motion by Larsen,seconded by Stromer to approve the February 16,2021 Board of Commissioner minutes. Roll <br /> Call,Ayes:Stromer, Larsen, Hogan,Johnson,Curtis, Neumann, Patterson Nays: None Absent: None <br /> Public notice of this meeting has been given by publication in the Hastings Tribune and by posting.Agenda was <br /> available to the board members and was kept continuously current and posted in the County Clerk's office,the <br /> main courthouse lobby and the Adams County website.The following is the agenda of items to be heard, no <br /> modifications were made to the agenda after 9:30 a.m.the business day prior to this meeting. <br /> Agenda for Meeting <br /> of Adams County Board of Commissioners <br /> County Board Room,Courthouse,2nd Floor <br /> Date of Meeting.April 20.2021. 9:30 A.M. <br /> Chairman to request a motion that this is an open public meeting of the Adams County Board of Conunissioners <br /> Announce location of Agenda Sc Open Meetings Law postings <br /> Reminder to turn off all cell phones <br /> Pledge of Allegiance <br /> Conflicts of Interest <br /> Roll call: <br /> Approve minutes: <br /> Committee reports: <br /> Receive Comments front the Public: <br /> Lee Hogan—Present for possible approval.Resolution 2021-04-20.01;declaring Adams County a Second <br /> Amendment Sanctuary County <br /> Melanie Cum.—Request approval of new pledge securities <br /> Request permission to establish a fund within the Adams County Budget to received bond <br /> money for the future Adams County Justice Center <br /> Dawn Miller—Present for possible interlocal agreement between Adams and Clay Counties <br /> County for maintenance responsibilities on Adams/Clay County line w/Amendment for <br /> addition of Utility Permit issuance within each County's respective maintenance miles. <br /> including an addendum action for utility permitting in respective maintenance areas <br /> 10:00 am—Board of Equalization: <br /> Melanie Curry—Present for possible approval motor vehicle exemption applications for the <br /> Salvation Anny and Crossroad Center.Inc. <br /> Jackie Russell—Tax List Corrections <br /> Ramona Thomas—Present for possible approval,renewal rates for employee group dental plan through Delta <br /> Dental and vision plan though National Insurance Services for 2021/2022 plan year <br /> Present for consideration and possible action,an agreement with gWorks for redistricting <br /> services <br /> 10:45- Sharon Hueftle—annual report from the South Central Economic Development District(SCEDD) <br /> Miscellaneous Business <br /> Claims <br /> Miscellaneous Receipts <br /> Officer Reports <br /> This agenda a subrct to amending unfit 9:30 AM m the Monday preceding the Board meeting. <br /> Nose to Citizens.Any agenda nein may be mored down at any time at the diwetim of the Chairman of the Board of Supervises. <br /> Int updated on Apel 19,2021 at 8:31 am <br /> Fa noo-English spealmeg arena=wishing to mange for a sign language or fotesgn language nttepea,please call or fax the County Anmey's <br /> dire at Phone:402-461-7240 or Fax:402 461-7241.For heaagenpved mdindnais a individuals synth other speaal needs all a fax the Camey <br /> Clesk's Office at Phone:402 461-7107.or TTY:402 461-7166 a Fax.402-461-7185.When lepnnmg as interposer a aesvices for the heaimg <br /> impaired please provide at least hely-eight(48)boors advance notice to allow time for making the accommodations. <br /> The Board resew the right to go ono emote semen if such session is clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for she <br /> prevention of needless inpary to the reputation of an iadividat <br /> Board members attended the following committee meetings and community events since the last board <br /> meeting and provided a brief report: <br /> 120 ' Page <br />